Fysisk affirmation när den är som bäst

22 February 2022

Om du inte läser "High Five" förstår du ändå direkt bokens kärna. Man ger sig själv en high five varje morgon i spegeln. Slut på bok. Men ändå inte riktig. Den har en viktig insikt att ge.

Tomorrow we bring the light

21 January 2022

Stop taking scraps from their table and stop being grateful for scraps they throw your way. Their worst nightmares are about to be materialized, which is people waking up, knowing their worth.

Hur många gånger i livet förväntas jag fly för mitt liv?

20 January 2022

Jag trodde aldrig att jag någonsin skulle slåss för ett land eller dess mänskliga rättigheter. Hela min vakna tid går nu till att slåss samma land som jag flydde till för just de rättigheterna när jag som ett litet barn flydde ett krig. Till min lycka ser jag hur fler och fler nyktrar till, som ur en dålig fylla börjar de vakna till och börjar få ordning på tankarna.

Mental illness, isolation and relationships

18 January 2022

I don't care what you do with your body, I only care about how we treat each other in the process. My job right now is mainly consisting of talking to people about several mental health issues, anxiety problems and suicidal thoughts caused by isolations and restrictions.

How lies affect our health

17 January 2022

Liars are more likely to believe lies according to a study. Believing lies as a lot to do with deep rooted fears and low self-esteem. Here's the what, how and why of lies.

I am done being a robot

16 January 2022

From childhood we are taught that authority can do no wrong, we are taught to listen to authority and repeat. Then be tested, not to see if we know the facts, but to see if we learned to repeat exactly what they want.

The choices of a strong mind during world chaos

10 January 2022

If you’ve ever wondered how anyone can fight for oppression, there is a simple psychological explanation for this. Most people don’t want freedom. There is also evil, but most people are good. And good people can still do evil, they just need the right amount of fear. 
Weak minds can be controlled.
 Strong minds can not.

That time I got a death threat

16 September 2021

This is when she heard the sound of glass shattering in her head as she was seeing the reality piece by piece. And it all dawned on her, all the signs she's been ignoring for years. She saw her pattern and all the habits that has taken her to this point.

I am saving 2 hours every day on dinner!

14 September 2021

This thing about eating healthy while also cooking something that shouldn't take more than 30 minutes, yeah..I never really got that to work for me. Until recently. With kids, businesses, projects everywhere, working out and all, there really is no time to cook. But we have to, because healthy food is kinda important to us. If you're walking in my shoes, oh boy, then you want to read this.