Become an awakened leader in a world of careless followers

Communication head of a leading software company, mind trainer, business coach, health coach, having her own dance studio for women, super-mom of a prodigy - Aida is the person you come to for getting your creativity ignited and getting your mind primed to emerge as a winner. Strongly recommended for both business and personal coaching.
Naimul Abd
Startups, Ecosystems & Marketing Expert
I had an amazing coaching retreat with Aida and I can only say - she is amazing. Her personality is inspiring and gets you really fired up. It was a wonderful time, cant wait to attend another retreat!
Simona Simonyte
Salon Beauty by Simona

Work with Aida Reva and become a leader in your personal and professional life

Personal mentoring, executive coaching and keynote speaking, Aida Reva takes each of her clients to the next level of leadership.


Keynote speaking & course training

Aida Reva's presentations help aspiring and experienced leaders alike learn the art of communication to create sustainable change and growth.

Topics include:

  • Disruptive Leadership: Become the next generation, awakened leader
  • Awakening: A life with purpose
  • Exclusive Presence: Develop your personal & professional leadership style
  • Coach Tomorrow's Winners: Disruptive an awakened leaddership for leaders of tomorrow
  • ReThink Communication: Online and Offline communication

A Note From Aida

My clients are "happy potatoes" who generally live a good life but feel like they hold themselves back in opportunities and career. They know there is more to life and know that to get there, they need to take the role of a leader, personally and professionally.

They seek leadership mentoring because while caught up in their daily life running their businesses or lives, they know their own future can't wait another year of stagnation. They want intriguing ideas, powerful confidence, useful approaches, and tangible tools now to do things differently for both themselves and their careers.

First-hand learning from successful leaders has trained me to have a perspective and insight very few have. In a short amount of time, I can give insight into the part of your own life that you can’t see yet.

With objectivity and mindful intervention I give clear, direct, non nonsense advice to handle anything in the best possible way to generate the best possible outcome. Clients often tell me that I ”see things others don't and give them perspectives they never had”

Leadership is not only leading others, most importantly it’s about leading yourself. Leadership isn’t born, it’s created. And what this world needs is more awakened, mindful leaders and less insecure, fearful followers.

— Aida


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En artikel sprids som en löpeld just nu. Författaren önskar amnesti av alla ovaccinerade. Hon skriver att det är dags att förlåta och glömma de som betett sig illa därför att de "inte visste bättre". Här är mitt svar på saken.

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Det här kommer bli en personlig historia för att förklara vad jag menar och baserar mina åsikter på, för att jag tror att i de flesta fall är det största problemet kunskapsbrist. Jag tror också att många människor saknar en nivå av mognad för den här typen av konversation och ställningstagande. Vårt största problem är överskott av åsikter och underskott av kunskap.

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Om du inte läser "High Five" förstår du ändå direkt bokens kärna. Man ger sig själv en high five varje morgon i spegeln. Slut på bok. Men ändå inte riktig. Den har en viktig insikt att ge.