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How we think and act is not a coincidence. Your beliefs about yourself and the world around you has been formed during the years. Your brain has tuned its connections in response to every experience you've had. You are programming your brain with every thought. 
Now you can program it to get the results you want with neuroscience, neurolinguistic programming and proven, powerful and mindful techniques.

Communication head of a leading software company, mind trainer, business coach, health coach, having her own dance studio for women, super-mom of a prodigy - Aida is the person you come to for getting your creativity ignited and getting your mind primed to emerge as a winner. Strongly recommended for both business and personal coaching.
Naimul Abd
Startups, Ecosystems & Marketing Expert
I had an amazing coaching retreat with Aida and I can only say - she is amazing. Her personality is inspiring and gets you really fired up. It was a wonderful time, cant wait to attend another retreat!
Simona Simonyte
Salon Beauty by Simona
Aida Reva
Aida Reva

Hi, I am Aida

All my life I thought "life is whatever it becomes during the years", not realizing that I shaped and created it myself all this time. But I wasn't living the life I wanted. At all.
I always knew there had to be something more. Then I found out there absolutely is more to life than I experienced. I created a life where I met my dream partner, created my dream job and live a fulfilled, abundant and happy life. 

Over 10 years experience got me the nickname "The mind ninja". In "real" words I am a performance coach and I help people just like you to find and reprogram limiting beliefs in creative but very powerful ways.

How about you start by downloading my FREE workbooks? Actually, I'll give you the whole bundle for free!

Click below and I will send you the whole bunch!
After you read them, done the exercises and feel inspired, head on to sign up for my upcoming course.

Get my FREE self-coaching workbook bundle
Get my FREE self-coaching workbook bundle
Unconventional coaching for unconventional people

You don't need a motivational coach

What we need is sustainable change. Ways to discipline, to pick ourselves up. Concrete methods. This is not motivational coaching.

My methods and processes are aimed to target the very core to the problem which makes you not ending up there again. 

Mind By Design is laser focused mind training that will teach your brain to see the world differently. And change your life.

Online mind training courses
Online mind training courses
Don't you just feel sick and tired of being afraid of failing? Of what people may think? Of not being good enough? If you're done waiting for permission and courage to be yourself and do what you want in life, then you, my friend, are in the right place. 

If you are looking for:

  • Tools for self-discipline
  • Starting or advancing workout routine
  • Building your confidence or self-esteem
  • Advancing in your career
  • Better connection with your body and self-care
  • Better your relationship with food
  • Become a better leader
  • Becoming more spiritual
  • Learn to set goals that you actually achieve
  • Finding deeper meaning
  • Getting to the next step in life

Or, as in many cases:
You don't know what you need, you feel a little lost and stuck and don't know where to start and need help just starting a new chapter.

I offer you:

  • Mind Power
  • Self-Discipline
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Goal orientation
  • Laser focus
  • Spiritual growth

With my:

  • Online and offline courses
  • Mentoring
  • Mind Drill programs
  • Workbooks & E-books to try out my programs

Start here

Start slow with no commitments. Download the workbook and ebook bundle, read, do the exercises and write down the thoughts, ideas and problems that you encounter while reading. You will better understand in which areas you want more freedom. 

How to be a confident puppy in a tough world

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