That time I got a death threat

16 September 2021

This is when she heard the sound of glass shattering in her head as she was seeing the reality piece by piece. And it all dawned on her, all the signs she's been ignoring for years. She saw her pattern and all the habits that has taken her to this point.

I am saving 2 hours every day on dinner!

14 September 2021

This thing about eating healthy while also cooking something that shouldn't take more than 30 minutes, yeah..I never really got that to work for me. Until recently. With kids, businesses, projects everywhere, working out and all, there really is no time to cook. But we have to, because healthy food is kinda important to us. If you're walking in my shoes, oh boy, then you want to read this.

My 3 healthy snack favorites that keeps me ripped

25 August 2021

Is healthy and delicious even possible or is it just a poor, dry, boring excuse for a real dessert when you're craving some sugar. You don't have to talk to me about dessert or sugar, I am the queen of dessert! I wasn't satisfied by many of the "healthy snacks" I found online so my cravings along with my new workout plan forced me to get creative, and here are the winners!

My LIQUID LIGHT Smoothie that made me jump out of bed before 5 am

20 August 2021

Since I started drinking this, I noticed my energy levels increased. I mean, beyond the regular! I created my new favorite green smoothie with more nutrients and honestly, I didn't expect such an increase in energy and stamina as I did, because I already drink green smoothies, keep a good diet and get my super supplements. But this, wow, this definitely is a keeper. I'll just get into it!

"I want to do this but feel ridiculous"

19 May 2021

Read this as many times as you need: What others think of you has nothing to do with you, it has everything to do with them.  What isn't ridiculous is changing language, diet, content, job, partner, home, whatever it is you want to change, what absolutely IS ridiculous is NOT doing the stuff you want to do in life because you live in someone else's little box of fear. Today I rant about fear, being yourself, doing your thing and feeling ridiculous.

The real secret behind all achieved goals

04 May 2021

I'm going to tell you the secret behind all achieved goalsI won't keep it for long but I do want to tell you how this works first because otherwise I risk you not believing me. It's really that simple. 

Den där hemska frågan som alltid gav mig ångest

09 March 2021

Lova mig en sak, ställ aldrig den frågan till barn. Fråga dem vad som får dem att sprudla av glädje. Fråga dem vad de älskar att göra så mycket att de försvinner i det i flera timmar. Fråga dem om alla saker de vill skapa och uppleva.

28 lifehacks för ett enklare liv

18 October 2020

Det är 2 saker jag vägrar ha bråk om i mitt hem: pengar och tvätt. Jag har lifehackat bort betalning av räkningar till hantering av strumpor. Såhär lifehackar jag bort vardagsproblem.