How lies affect our health

Here's the alarming, frightening and super short version of this very important post:
Lies causes anxiety, depression, shattered self-esteem, destroyed relationships and serious emotional, spiritual and physical damages. Here's the what, the why and a way to test yourself.

How lies affect our health

Have you been cheated on and lied to? Has this been caused by someone you trusted completely? By someone that you believed cared about you and your well-being? Then you know the shock and trauma this causes. You also know the long term effects of distrust of future relationships this brings. 

Lies hurt both the liars and those being lied to. The liars often lie to avoid dealing with emotions or geting away with something. But as liars know, the lies are in the end always revealed. It might take days, weeks, years or decades but in the end, the truth always win. But the lies destroy lives until that happens. It's such a destructive force that it creates not only distrust but also wars. 

It's very hard to like yourself when you lie. You know that you're not true to yourself and that the lie hides a fear that lives inside of you. It always starts with little, tiny lies but a lie often requires more lies to keep it alive.

People lie to

  • Avoid consequences
  • Avoid feeling bad
  • Get rewards
  • Get admiration
  • Feel better

Why do people believe lies? Have you had a destructive relationship where your partner constantly lied to you but you kept believing they'd change and deep inside you knew they were lying but you kept believing they would change? Yeah. It's based on fears you have. It's a way to unconsciously protect yourself from the pain of the lie. If you suspect your partner is cheating but don't want to believe it no matter how obvious it is, you're protecting yourself from the pain to find out the truth. It's easier to believe that you are paranoid than that your partner doesn't love you. If they don't love you that means you're unlovable and that means you'll end up alone. It's always connected to a deep fear inside of us and we're willing to accept a lot of lies just to get away from seeing our fears.

This is why you'll often hear partners defending their cheating husbands or wives.
This is also why we believe politicians or big businesses even though have been lying before.
This is why we desperately want to believe that drug companies and governments have our best in mind.

Because imagine if they don't care about the common folks? That would mean no one is looking out for you, that means you are on your own, that means you will believe anything but that, no matter how obvious the lies are.

How do we protect ourselves from lies and force ourselves to see them? 
Fist we need to see our fears. What would happen to me if my partner is lying? What would that do to my life as I see it? What if the stories we heard about the pandemic are false? What would that mean to my life and the way I see everything? What if there are lies that will require me to change my mind and possibly my whole life? What would that to to my relationships?

You see, we are prone to believe lies because our deep rooted fears want us to. We'd rather believe a comforting lie than to know the frightening truth. Because we want to feel safe and cared for.Here are examples of frightening truth that you might be protecting yourself from. No matter what you believe, use this as a reference to test yourself. What if you'd accept this as truth? What would happen in your life? What would you need to do differently?


But what no one can deny no matter how many lies we believe is this one thing: If we don't recognize the problem, we can never solve it. And the lies and all the problems that come with them will continue and get worse. And you want to know something interesting? Liars are more likely to believe lies. 

This is why we need to connect to ourselves better. 
This is why mind training is so important.
This is why we need to get to know ourselves constantly.
This is why we can never let fears lead our way.

This is why I dedicated myself to be the mind ninja.

With love and light,


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