Personal growth with mind and body strength

Hi, I am Aida, the mind ninja

I am a firm believer in mental strength. I was always fascinated by how fears rule our lives. The one thing that I always strive for in life is freedom. I will never let anything limit my freedom, and so I've done a real messy, hard work on my fears. My biggest fear in life was giving birth. I decided to face that fear fully with all my mental strength skills. I gave birth at home with no drugs, a full natural water birth. After this and many other faced fears I knew that I had built unshakeable mental strength. That led me to create a program based on the work I've done on myself and my clients.

I believe we create our lives through the small decisions we make everyday. I used to believe we find success by setting impossibly big goals. But through the years of working with myself and others I created a better way to create lasting change. 

I have coached leaders and people who want to create big things for themselves in this life for many years. I will teach you how to stop blocking yourself with fears, limiting beliefs and myths like motivation and willpower.

Education & career

The short story

  • Coaching clients since good ol' 2010
  • Speaker & teambuilding since 2013
  • Personal- & group training clients since 2015
  • Certified Neurolinguistic Programming coach Gothia Academy
  • Business Coaching FECBC Business Academy
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner 
  • Leadership Trainer NASBA
  • KBT Achology LTD
  • Copywriter
On a personal note

Total knowledge & coffee junkie

My coaching journey started 2010 but long before that I studied people and human behavior. As a child I always gathered friends thet fought with each other to find the problem and make them communicate right. Needless to say, my calling was there from the start. I could often see in people when they got in their own way.

I start every day with some form of audio book, master class or online course. I read and earn all the time and during the first three months of 2021 I finished courses in copywriting, innovation leadership, fashion design, dress making, makeup artistry, digital marketing, dancing, yoga anatomy and calisthenics. So when someone asks me what my hobby is I ask them how much time they have.

I travel a lot with my family, another fantastic way of learning the ways of other countries and people. I am a desperate sun worshipper and will take any chance to get me some sun and salty, exotic ocean.

I decided many years ago that I will not be working a dead end job, hating every Monday, waiting for every Friday and waiting for the year to finally get me to a well deserved vacation. I tried that, it wasn't for me so I decided that I will face every uncomfortable fear and limiting belief I had to get me to a life I love waking up to.
With the hard work on myself and the thousands of hours working with my clients I've created methods that work. Every time.
And you know what? I will help you get through your walls too.