Personal growth with leadership

Meet Aida

All my life, my passion has been to help people become a leader in their life by the taking ownership of their innate talents and potential. My super skill is to give you endless new, innovative thinking that challenges your beliefs and assumptions, to make you explore new behavior outside of your comfort zone. Together we create your leadership style and take it to the next level — all to create a better future for you and everyone you work with.

My time is divided between guiding individuals as their professional mentor and master coach; speaking to large and small groups; and researching, diving deeper into neuroscience to create more and better ways to become an awakened, mindful leader.

Outside of that, my passion is to create course trainings for leaders ready to awaken and become the next generation leader.

Education & career

The short story

  • Coaching & Mentoring since 2010
  • Speaker & teambuilding since 2013
  • Personal- & group training clients since 2013
  • Certified Neurolinguistic Programming coach Gothia Academy
  • Business Coaching FECBC Business Academy
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner 
  • Leadership Trainer NASBA
  • KBT Achology LTD
  • REBT Priority Academy LTD
  • Neuroscience  Brain Academy
  • Copywriter

On a personal note

My coaching journey started 2010 but long before that I studied people and human behavior. As a child I could often see in people when they got in their own way. I started observing human behavior as a 4 year old child when my family was running from the Yugoslavian war.

I start every day with some form of audio book, master class or online course. I read and learn all the time and during the first three months of 2021 I finished courses in copywriting, innovation leadership, fashion design, dress making, makeup artistry, digital marketing, dancing, yoga anatomy and calisthenics. So when someone asks me what my hobby is I ask them how much time they have, I love mastering all sorts of skills.

I travel a lot with my family, another fantastic way of learning the ways of other countries and people. I am a desperate sun worshipper and will take any chance to get me some sun and salty, exotic ocean.

With the hard work on myself and the thousands of hours working with my clients I've created methods that work. Every time.
And you know what? I will help you be the leader you need to be in your life.