Habit Hacking: The Scientific Way To Master Your Habits

This is where you break up with the motivation-no motivation cycle.
Here's how to ALWAYS overcome procrastination and resistance, how to take action easily EVERY day, and make changes that last.
Yes, this time they will actually last.

*The real life course will be in Swedish.
*Online course will be in English

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You don't need more models or methods

According to researchers at Duke University, habits hold 40 percent of our behaviors on any given day. When our habits doesn't work for us we are not only stuck in our ways, but we are actually even making it worse every day. Until we reach a point that we are unhappy and don't even know why.
In this course you will experience multiple aha-experiences.

Self-discovery | Goal-setting | Re-programming | Neuroscience

  • Why SMART-goals are not working for you
  • Find out why almost all popular habit formation strategies are "dead on arrival"
  • What is wrong with motivation
  • Why willpower never works
  • Why your changes never hold in the long run
  • Why the goal-setting is SO HARD
  • Why you don't know what you want your goal to be
  • Why all the models and methods you've learned doesn't work
  • How to view goal-setting in a new way
  • How your habits affect everything you do
  • What is really controlling your every day decisions
  • How to reframe your beliefs
  • What reframing even is
  • Why positive thinking is crap and never helps
  • Why your self-esteem doesn't get better
  • How the dopamine effect affects our habits and goals
  • How our environment affects what we do and how we do it

Did you read all the way to here? This list is actually longer, you will learn lots of amazing things about yourself and understand why you have failed making changes, reaching goals and why you've made things harder for yourself all this time.

Communication head of a leading software company, mind trainer, business coach, health coach, having her own dance studio for women, super-mom of a prodigy - Aida is the person you come to for getting your creativity ignited and getting your mind primed to emerge as a winner. Strongly recommended for both business and personal coaching.
Naimul Abd
Naimul Abd
Startups, Ecosystems & Marketing Expert
Det tog knappt dessa 5 tillfällen förrän jag helt hade ändrat inställning till mig själv. Jag fick lära mig att sänka kraven, att se mig själv för den jag är och vill vara, istället för en skev version av något jag trodde var jag. Att känna stolthet, kärlek och tilltro till sig själv är den bästa känslan som finns, och den har jag Aida att tacka för!
Caroline Oskarsson
Caroline Oskarsson
VXO Beauty
Aida har en träffande attityd som gör henne till en fantastisk coach. Hon ser och hör sådant som inte nämns och lyfter detta på ett ödmjukt sätt. Hon är rak och tydlig i sin kommunikation och låter sig inte nöjas med ett ”jag vet inte” till svar. Samtidigt lockar hon fram det bästa i människor och hjälper dem utvecklas till en ny nivå både i karriärlivet och privat.
Lina Molander
Lina Molander

Practical info

Date: October 24 - 25
Time: 10.00 - 16.00 Saturday & Sunday
Place: Zenta, Oxtorget 2, Växjö
Investment: 2999 SEK
Early bird: 15% off until October 1st
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I am Aida, the mind ninja! I have dedicated my life to understanding why people do what they do.
Why do some people seem to always get everything they want while some seem to struggle with every move? Why does some people always have a happy, positive mindset while others are always on the negative side? 
This is why I got into neuroscience, psychology and neurolinguistic programming a little more than 15 years ago.
I've found that all our habits, our way of talking to ourselves and others, the thoughts we have and how we do what we do shapes our lives. And how much of our own behavior we don't even see. After seeing how much I have lived on auto-pilot, I was horrified and started a journey of total awareness about everything in my life.
Now, I will teach you the same powerful tools that made me change my habits and my life. 

Aida Reva | Performance Trainer
Aida Reva | Performance Trainer