Leadership Coaching

If you want someone to tell you what you want to hear - Aida isn't it. But if you want someone to challenge you and tell you the things you NEED to hear in order to become the best version of yourself, then look no further.  Working with Aida made me realise that we are capable of being awesome, as long as you are ready to do the work. I highly recommend her as a coach and mind ninja!
Rickard Lundby
Jag rekommenderar helhjärtat alla att gå till Aida, det är mina bäst spenderade pengar någonsin och det har gett mig mer än någon KBT eller annan psykologkontakt någonsin gett mig.
Caroline Oskarsson
SOS Alarm

Aidas's approach is open, straightforward and honest. She can help any becoming leader or executive to improve their skills, capabilities, and performance. Aida helps people to self-lead, no matter if they lead others or if they just need to take leadership in their private life. 

My coaching is not only for team leaders or executives, it is for people who wants to improve their success in their private or career life by developing strong self-leadership and self-confidence.


Developing Better Leadership

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