Tomorrow we bring the light

Stop taking scraps from their table and stop being grateful for scraps they throw your way. Their worst nightmares are about to be materialized, which is people waking up, knowing their worth.

Tomorrow we bring the light

I am going to repeat this until you get it: Everything good that happens to you will start happening when you say no to scraps and stop being grateful for the bare minimum.
This is true for friends, this is true for parents, this is true for partners and this is true for your government. ”Are we going there again, Aida?” Yes we are. And I am not stopping until you realize your power. How big is your power exactly? I’ll show you in a minute.

There is a huge demonstration against c-passports in several countries and cities tomorrow. I am in Stockholm today, enjoying a hotel weekend and a couple of Old Fashioned with my man. Today I was interviewed by the local radio and they asked me why I was going to attend. I replied ”Because every human with a basic level of intelligence knows why.”
Yesterday I saw a post, someone was happy because the ”police authorized the demonstration”. I laughed so hard I spit out my coffee when I read it. They AUTHORIZED IT? Really!? I’d be so happy to see what’d happen if they didn’t. EIGHTEEN THOUSAND angry people, sick of being treated like idiots and homeless dogs are walking right into Stockholm. If you gather every policeman in the whole country they couldn’t do anything about it. And they AUTHORIZE it? Gee, thanks.

They are scared and they have no other options than let you believe they authorize anything. They are not in a position to authorize anything. We have taken the power back, the power we had all along and they know it. Now they are scared there will be chaos. And they know we can’t be controlled. This is what I’ve been talking about all along. The power is with the people, has always been and will always be. Today they said they authorized a demonstration for 3000 people. You already know they will try to make it sound like it was a small demonstrations with a little group of people. The media does what the media does. But the worms are out of the cans. No lie can be hidden for long.

What is going on right now is you are taken away your basic human rights from you and you are driven to depression, anxiety, ruined relationships and desperation. Then, they give you one tiny little thing back and you are happy as hell. That is abuse.
It’s like taking away all toys from a child and tell them that when they’re obedient they will start getting things back, but you give them only one toy at a time. And they are grateful and happy. That’s manipulation.

They CAN NOT authorize you your human rights. They are your BORN HUMAN RIGHTS. No government can take that away from you and no law, pandemic or anything can take your rights away from you.

Stop taking scraps from their table and stop being grateful for scraps they throw your way. Their worst nightmares are about to be materialized, which is people waking up, knowing their worth.

Tomorrow, you get up, you look into the mirror and you see it. The sovereign, free, human being that you are.
And tomorrow we bring all the light and power we’re made of.
Tomorrow we bring it back, never to give it away again.


Du hade "tur" och ska nu förlåta

10 November 2022

En artikel sprids som en löpeld just nu. Författaren önskar amnesti av alla ovaccinerade. Hon skriver att det är dags att förlåta och glömma de som betett sig illa därför att de "inte visste bättre". Här är mitt svar på saken.

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Det här kommer bli en personlig historia för att förklara vad jag menar och baserar mina åsikter på, för att jag tror att i de flesta fall är det största problemet kunskapsbrist. Jag tror också att många människor saknar en nivå av mognad för den här typen av konversation och ställningstagande. Vårt största problem är överskott av åsikter och underskott av kunskap.

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Om du inte läser "High Five" förstår du ändå direkt bokens kärna. Man ger sig själv en high five varje morgon i spegeln. Slut på bok. Men ändå inte riktig. Den har en viktig insikt att ge.