I am done being a robot

From childhood we are taught that authority can do no wrong, we are taught to listen to authority and repeat what we learn. I experienced this in school. I remember my first outburst in school for being silenced for knowing the truth. It was a stupid class in music theory and I was 12 years old...

I am done being a robot

How long are we supposed to bend over like slaves to self-proclaimed authority?
No more.
Yet again, my Facebook account has been suspended for 30 days. For what? For telling the truth. Verified, absolute truth.
Why are we not more upset, afraid and angry over that the truth - not theory - absolute TRUTH is being silenced?
From childhood we are taught that authority can do no wrong, we are taught to listen to authority and repeat. Then be tested, not to see if we know the facts, but to see if we learned to repeat exactly what they want. I experienced this in school. I remember my first outburst in school for being silenced for knowing the truth. It was a stupid class in music theory and I was 12 years old.
We were given an exam by my teacher and one of the questions was about a rock band and their genre. Now, this is and was absolutely 100% my area of knowledge as rock, heavy metal and these sub-genres is my kind of music and the question was about a band I loved.
The question was: Iron Maiden is a popular rock band, but what is their special sub genre?
a. Grunge
b. Glam Rock
c. Heavy Metal

The right answer, according to my teacher: Glam rock
The right answer according to facts: Heavy Metal

Now, her little exam was set up so that if you answered anything but HER CHOICE you’d fail. As I noticed when I got my test results back. I told her what the right answer was and she said that it wasn’t according her exam and I was NOT given a point for answering THE RIGHT ANSWER. So of course I argued and of course I offered proof and facts to prove my point, to which she answered: ”It’s already decided and nobody else is arguing”. NOBODY ELSE KNOWS THIS AS WELL AS I DO BECAUSE THEY WERE ALL LISTENING TO SPICE GIRLS.

So, very early in my life I learned that: 
1. if you repeat something enough, no matter what the facts are, this will be considered ”the truth”
2. Whatever the majority believes it will be considered ”the ”truth” no matter what the real facts are.

This is still true, always have been in the history of man, and always will continue to be.
Why didn’t everyone else argue? Because it didn’t affect them. They either guessed right and got their acceptance by the authority with a point or got it wrong and it didn’t matter because of it anyway. And who was wrong in the eyes of the herd? ME. Because authority decided what the right answer was.

It’s human psychology and we are taught very early that disobeying authority will be punishable, but following authority and the herd will always be favorable, no matter what the truth is.

See how this goes? This is no longer an elementary school music theory exam. This is a real life, global scam that takes lives. We've been imprisoned, controlled and lied to for 2 years straight and expected to obey with no evidence at all.
Now, will you argue? 

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