Answering your questions in my DM's

"I want to do this but feel ridiculous"

A few minutes after I posted this video on Instagram answering another DM question I got a new one. "I want to do this but I feel ridiculous". This one pumped me up because I get more of these than you might think, so here's my newly started series called "Questions in my DM's". 

This person sent me a hearty DM in Swedish so I translated it loosely.
”I have been wanting to do content in english but feel so ridiculous every time I try that I just give it up and go back to swedish. My followers are not that many and it feels like I’m trying to be something bigger than I am and feel a bit of shame about the whole thing”. 
Yes okay. I get you. This is a scary change, kind of like when you change your diet then everyone is suddenly in your face thinking they have the right to have opinions on it. 
Changing the language can feel a bit overwhelming if you only have used your native tongue your whole life. But times are changing. Take this from someone who never got to speak her own language as I had to leave my country as a small child because of war. I changed language 3 times before I had to settle for Swedish. Now, I personally felt the need to change my language on my social media to English because I have a little bunch that are non swedish speakers but still, my following are still mostly Swedish. I don't have a big following either and never aimed to have. I love my little bunch because they are real, they comment and I feel their love and support every day.
Now I'm going to attack the " feeling ridiculous" part.

Read this as many times as you need:
What others think of you has nothing to do with you, it has everything to do with them. 
What isn't ridiculous is changing language, diet, content, job, partner, home, whatever it is you want to change, what absolutely IS ridiculous is NOT doing the stuff you want to do in life because you live in someone else's little box of fear. Not having fun because someone might think you are ridiculous is NOT a reason for not doing the things you want to do in life. Again, read that as many times as you need.

The critics will always be there, so do this for me now: Find the critics, the one's you think of when you're afraid of doing something.You know who they are and you hear their stupid voice in your head. Now open their social media and notice how they never do anything of value. They don’t put themselves out there. They don’t create content, they don’t do scary stuff, they don't do new things, they don't take risks, they jut complain. They just sit behind their screens waiting for someone to do something they can have opinions about. They are AFRAID and they project their fear onto you and then YOU live in THEIR bubble of fear.
That’s how what they think has nothing to do with you.

I am a 100% ridiculous every day. and I give a 100% of my middle finger to everyone that has time to criticize what I do instead of doing uncomfortable things themselves. This year I’ve started at least 3 new hobbies and I make a fool of myself everyday. I’ve also taken 27 certificates and diplomas from courses I’ve taken since the year started. I might fail in many things and I am a constant newbie at stuff but you know what I'm not? A coward criticizing people that do their thing on social media. I don't have time because I work on myself, I put myself out there. I take risks, I do things that might or might not make me look ridiculous. I’m clapping for everyone that put themselves out there, it’s scary, it is! When I started doing videos I was filming nonsense with me adjusting my hair, repeating ”hellos, and hi’s” 19 times before I turned it off, deleted it and started again. And then again. Then I just decided to film another day because of some idiot reason that wasn’t the real reason at all. 
Not everyone will like you, a lot of people don’t like me. It's fine, it's all good. It's just how it's supposed to be. Not everyone will like you wether you do things or not, it's not about that at all.

So, do your thing, be ridiculous. Be a total fool. You are what you decide to be and how others choose you see or label you is not something you can control and it has nothing to do with you. Just do your thing, your life is ticking away while you're controlled by fears and cowards. SO DO YOUR THING.
I will end this with my favourite qoute ”You do you Scotty P”.

Looking forward to do more of "Questions in my DM's". Damn right it's ridiculous ;)

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