Jag tyckte Aida var väldigt kunnig på sitt ämne, då hon pratade på utan att verka läsa innantill på något sätt vilket också ger en känsla av att vi åskådare tar till oss det hon säger, då vi ser hur säker hon är på sin sak. Tack för en bra föreläsning!
Miranda Tartaglione
Tänk dig en energiboost blandad med humor och massa klokskap! Så känner du dig efter ett möte med Aida.” ”Aida tar coachning till en helt annan nivå. Hennes driv smittar av sig och hennes humor och härliga inställning till livet ger dig helt nya perspektiv!
Nina Englund
I've collaborated with Aida in giving inspirational talks among other things. She sincerely wants to help people help themselves change their lives and in that process she gives them different tools. Her greatest strength is that she pushes people without judgement but with a big heart
Pernilla Lindblad
Pink Lemon Yoga

Good leadership is created, it's not a personality trait. As a leadership development keynote speaker, Aida Reva combines incomparable insight and experience with practical tools and application to give awakening and growing leaders the powerful tools they need for career and life success. Aida understands the core of leadership - theory and practice, and she breaks it down for her audience so they see and understand how leadership will make their lives better and happier.

Aida Reva's speaking style is clear, candid and full of humor. She  engages and entertains her audience, using real life examples and relevant stories to uncover information accumulated from over ten years as one of the top coaches in her field. Her experience in leadership development for people and leaders gives powerful insight into what it takes to succeed as a valuable leader and person. As your  keynote speaker, she will make the audience laugh, listen closely, and walk away with all sorts of "Aha!" moments.

When you hire Aida Reva to present at your event, she'll personally interview you in advance. After learning about your organization's goals, challenges and culture, she'll compose her findings into a personalized presentation that combines her experience developing awakened, mindful leaders with the needs of your organization.


Presentation Options

Aida creates a program that accomplishes what you want to accomplish.

Every topic can be:

  • A 45- to 90-minute keynote
  • Can be expanded into a half or full-day breakout workshop or training session (can also include one-on-one coaching)
  • A follow-on webinar
  • Presented virtually

She can present a keynote speech with information that can be followed up with more in-depth training and development.

You can apply for an Awakened Leader Course Training for yourself or your organization through the link below