The choices of a strong mind during world chaos

If you didn’t know this, what we are experiencing during our lifetime is the biggest crime against humanity in decades. If you don’t see it, you have not opened your eyes.

The choices of a strong mind during world chaos
"When laws become immoral, it is a moral duty to resist them"
If you didn’t know this, what we are experiencing during our lifetime is the biggest crime against humanity in decades. If you don’t see it, you have not opened your eyes. Which ”side” you stand on right now is showing yourself and everyone around you who you really are, in your heart. If you believe people should be forced to take any form of drugs, be it needles or pills, you have closed not only your eyes but also your heart and everything that makes you human.
If you believe a passport should control peoples lives and divide us all in groups, you are the one obeying orders no matter how immoral or cruel they are. You know now who you’d be in wars before this.
If you find that offensive, begin with yourself, right now.
You are living and operating from fear.
At the same time, we have created the biggest awakening we’ve ever seen.
Let’s start with one simple fact: There is only love and fear, from which everything originates. Only one of them can be the engine or motivator at any given time. What we’re seeing now is a world full of fear, the ones that want to force medical terror on their fellow human beings are running on fear. The ones that stay silent and try to be invisible until everything is over are also motivated by fear.
 Love, any kind of love takes courage.
So here is the thing, if you’ve ever wondered how anyone can fight for oppression, there is a simple psychological explanation for this. Most people don’t want freedom. Freedom is frightening, freedom requires courage, freedom requires standing on your own no matter what the rest of the world says, freedom demands believing in yourself more than any authority, freedom wants strength. Freedom expects you to take responsibility for everything you do, are and say, taking the consequences for everything.
And what do most people want? Safety. Safety is the opposite. Safety doesn’t need thinking for yourself, safety is simple. Stay afraid, let authorities decide everything, they are experts and know what’s best, it’s best to not question experts, because how can little me ever know anything better than an expert? So obeying orders is what I should do. No matter who gets hurt, it’s for the best, for the greater good. Just obey and everything will be alright. 
Because what happens if I obey? I don’t have to think and most importantly, I don’t have to carry any burden of consequences for any outcome. I just did what I was told by the ones who knows best. The thought of them not knowing what’s best is so terrifying that I will never believe it no matter what happens. And most importantly, I will label anyone that don’t follow authorities any degrading title I can think of.
Because what’s lying underneath it all is only one thing: fear.
Do you start to see clearly now?
Fear is what causes people to blindly follow authorities. There is also evil, but most people are good. And good people can still do evil, they just need the right amount of fear. 
Weak minds can be controlled.
 Strong minds can not.
When you understand people, you’ll never hate them, you feel sorry for them.

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10 November 2022

En artikel sprids som en löpeld just nu. Författaren önskar amnesti av alla ovaccinerade. Hon skriver att det är dags att förlåta och glömma de som betett sig illa därför att de "inte visste bättre". Här är mitt svar på saken.

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Det här kommer bli en personlig historia för att förklara vad jag menar och baserar mina åsikter på, för att jag tror att i de flesta fall är det största problemet kunskapsbrist. Jag tror också att många människor saknar en nivå av mognad för den här typen av konversation och ställningstagande. Vårt största problem är överskott av åsikter och underskott av kunskap.

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