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The real secret behind all achieved goals

I won't keep this secret for long. But I do want to tell you how this works first because otherwise I risk you not believing me. It's really that simple. 

Everyone knows the importance of having goals, being the master in your own life and dare to dream big. Yes. Dreaming big is really not that hard. Wether we believe we can achieve it or not, seeing ourselves on a yacht on an exotic ocean with a glass of champagne without a care in the world is not hard at all. But when we are about to turn that vision into actions, that's where the problems arise. 

Goals. Goals are the answer to everything, right? Set goals! Make them achievable! Follow this method! Use this formula! Yes. But no. Information overload. If the goal formula is more complicated than the goal itself it's not happening, buddy. Now, you also probably read about how to break down goals into smaller goals. That's also a very good idea but how come this doesn't work either most of the time? 

Let me present to you...the MICRO GOALS.
What in the world...?

The magic of micro goals

Micro goals are goals you can achieve today. Right now. The smallest step you can form and do right now. So why is micro goals a magic trick? Because while smaller goals are great, they too are connected to the supermegaukulele big goal picture and it feels alien to us. They are still a little too big and we still cannot really see how to get to the next step. The micro goals are here now. They are so small and teeny tiny that a deranged monkey can to the tasks needed. If a deranged monkey can't do it, then it's not a micro goal. 

How do I get on that yacht?

What is the smallest step you can take right now? And the one after that? And the one after that? Write 3 and only 3 steps you can take that are ridiculously small.
So while a regular small goal would look like this:
Goal: Get a yacht
Smaller goals:
1. Save 5 millon per month
2. Get 16 jobs

Micro goals would look like this:
Goal: Get a yacht
Micro goals:
1. Open my bank app to see the account balance
2. Download a budget template
These are things I can do right now.

Micro goals give us no room for waiting, thinking, making excuses or get stuck on planning. Just like teaching babies to walk it's one tiny step at a time, you don't tell them to walk 10 steps at a time to get to the couch. Enough with the metaphors, you get the picture. So take a look at your goal and ditch everything else besides the 3 next steps.

Want to learn more about how this works after the 3 steps and how to build the skills of micro goals and self-discipline?
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Mind training bundle with super skills for success

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