My LIQUID LIGHT Smoothie that made me jump out of bed before 5 am

Happy friday friends!
You remember my oldie but goldie, the "MEAN GREEN" Smoothie? Many of you found it in my Smoothie blueprint "SMOOTHIEGUIDEN" (in swedish) and now it's back but it's greener and meaner and tastier! Let me present to you, the Mean Green Liquid Light.

My LIQUID LIGHT Smoothie that made me jump out of bed before 5 am

Since I started drinking this, I noticed my energy levels increased. I mean, beyond the regular! I created my new favorite green smoothie with more nutrients and honestly, I didn't expect such an increase in energy and stamina as I did, because I already drink green smoothies, keep a good diet and get my super supplements. But this, wow, this definitely is a keeper. I'll just get into it!

This recipe is for approximately 2L, I use my Vitamix blender and it's exactly 2L.

4 Bananas
3 cm slice of organic lemon WITH the lemon peel
2 servings Liquid Light
1 pkg frozen passion fruit
1 full scoop of Super Greens
Add 5-7 dl water. Add 5 first and then see if you like the thickness or not. I prefer my smoothies rich and thick, so I always add less water and then add more after tasting.

That's it! I drink this before my second workout of the day and I'm crushing it! 
Enjoy better health, sleep, energy, mood and life ;)

Here you can see my other product recommendations and I'll also do another post about how I use them. 
Please send me a message if you have any questions or need advice on how to use any of these!


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